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About Pater Noster
Pater Noster founders Iain & Joan Ogilvie have worked on a series of projects in Romania since December 1990. In addition, working in partnership with Wirral Council we started out Ministry of Food project where we distrubuted over 90 tons of food to charities working with the homeless.

Working initially from Medias in Transylvania, + Birkenhead area, Pn provides assistance to hundreds of families in need and distress.

In recent years Pater Noster (UK) purchased a Romanian charity (which was in abeyance), changed its name to Pater Noster (Romania), and established it as a significant charity operating in and around Ploiesti. Management of the charity was entrusted to a Romanian couple who continue to run it successfully to this day as an independent ministry.

LEFT... Inside the facility at & Whetstone Lane, Birkenhead
Contact: Iain Ogilvie (director)
Phone: 07415304874
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Community Rooms APPEAL (Birkenhead)
We URGENTLY need to raise funds not only for the projects but to replace the frontage of our building (it is unsafe).... So, initially we need to raise £50,000 to get the ball rolling.

The ground level will have a smart, contemporary reception at the entrance and a space for relaxing with a coffee. Therefore a small café counter will be incorporated in that area. The entrance area will be separated from the main hall by a partition with a double doorway into the larger part of the hall. It is in this space that we want to use for a variety of purposes as listed below.
• Keep fit •Tea dance • Special needs disco • Weight watchers / Slimming world • Art classes
• Children’s parties • Drama groups • Health seminars and training • Special Interest group meeting e.g. photography, knitting, local history groups etc • and so much more as the project develops.

The basement area will house a FOODBANK store, furniture & clothes bank, a shower and clothes swap facility (for homeless), an office for various use (counselling etc). In the front area of the basement will be a kitchen (existing) and a large area designed as a music venue. (e.g. like a Jazz Club). This will house a community music project for over 60s and under 25s. It will incorporate a stage and an area to house basic recording facility; (a sound booth). This will double as a rehearsal room for local musicians. It will be for participants only and their close families and friends and will not be open to the general public.
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