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About Pater Noster
Pater Noster founders Iain & Joan Ogilvie have worked on a series of projects in Romania since December 1990.

Working initially from Medias in Transylvania, they provided assistance to hundreds of families in need and distress.

In recent years Pater Noster (UK) purchased a Romanian charity (which was in abeyance), changed its name to Pater Noster (Romania), and established it as a significant charity operating in and around Ploiesti. Management of the charity was entrusted to a Romanian couple who continue to run it successfully to this day as an independent ministry.

photo (right) Pn workers unloading in 1991
Contact: Iain Ogilvie (director)
Phone: 07415304874
2014 Pater Noster Ministries
Mission 2015
We urgently need to continue our work with poor communities and homeless people. Even though Romania is an EU member, the level of poverty is high compared to most other EU countries. The rich get richer, a middle class emerges but the poor get poorer.

Help us to help them to help themselves. Please consider sponsoring our workers in Romania. See home page for link to PayPal giving.

If you would like us to come to your church or community group and speak about Romania then contact me using one of the links below.
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We give DIRECTLY to individuals and NOT to organisations who have access to EU assistance
 Rimnicu Vilcea in February